Many Problems, Few Causes

When life is great and health is great, and then a single problem shows up, there is often a single solution. All is good, but suddenly there is a crick in your neck. It happened after you fell asleep on the couch (which, by the way, is always a bad idea). Solution? Probably need to see the chiropractor for an adjustment… and stop falling asleep on the couch! These are the simple cases. But, what is happening more often these days is more like this: you have a crick in your neck. You may or may not think about seeing a chiropractor, because that’s not the only thing going on. Your knees are both acting up (not sure why), your guts have been off - bloating, a bit of reflux, sometimes really loose stools but sometimes constipation. Your mind had been racing a lot, or foggy - can’t really remember - and your mood swings from depressed to anxious and back. You feel stiff, especially in the mornings. Your body clock seems off - waking up a lot of night, can’t go back to sleep. You can’t seem to shake the little cough that has been with your for over a month, and you seem to get sick more than you ever used to. You’re having allergies for th first time, or maybe they used to be just seasonal but now they’re happening a lot. Headaches, jaw pain and tension… There are so many problems! Are you just “getting old?” A lot of times, the problems started at a specific point in time. Mabe 6 months ago, maybe 3 years ago. But nothing makes sense about why your body would have gone haywire at that time! Maybe it was right after a small car accident - just a fender bender - or maybe it was after a short vacation out of the country, or after losing a job, or after your kid was born. It doesn’t make sense. Ah, but it does. :-) Whenever there’s a mysterious plethora of symptoms which started appearing more or less at the same point in time, you can be sure that something happened to trip up the communication between the brain and the body. The brain is the central processing center of the body, sending and receiving signals 24/7 to everything. It’s responsible for maintaining the balance! If the brain goes offline for even just a few minutes, you are out of luck and permanently damaged! Fortunately, it’s rare that the brain goes offline all the way. However, it’s common for parts of the brain to go off-kilter as a result of some kind of trauma, whether it’s physical trauma (sports or injuries), chemical trauma (poisons, toxins), pathogens (virus, fungus, parasite, bacteria) or even emotional trauma (shown to structurally affect the brain over time). When there are multiple mysterious symptoms and allopathic medicine can’t find anything “wrong,” then it’s time to look to the brain and check the lines of communication. NIS (Neurological Integration System) is one of the best ways to do this. It’s a simple method using a combination of muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) and gentle stimulation of certain reflex circuits to retrain the brain to get back on track. Once this central command circuit it totally back on line, then the body can get back to self-regulating. Typically, the symptoms reduce in quantity and intensity, and then it becomes clear if there is really something else specifically to address. (For example, there may be a specific nutrient or two that needs to be supplemented, whereas if you attempted the nutritional approach from day 1 based on all of the symptoms, you may end up going home with a shopping bag full of supplements!) Most people run around to multiple practitioners to try and address each symptom separately. My advice? Find and NIS practitioner first, make sure the brain is communicating at its best, let the body settle in, see what’s left, and then go from there. You will save yourself a lot of time and money, which will be better spent enjoying and living your life. And that is all I have to say about that. Be well! -DK