What has NET done for ME?

I’ve been an NET practitioner for almost exactly 20 years (since October 1999), but I received my first NET treatments as a patient near the end of 1997. Though I’ve had many mind-blowing and incredible chiropractic and bodywork treatments over the years, it is really the NET treatments that have stood out as life changing. 3 initial treatments really stand out, for 3 different types of issues.

I will start with my 3rd profound NET experience, since the first might seem kind of boring and you might fall asleep before getting to the third. I used to have terrible social anxiety. It was bad enough on a personal level, but when I first opened my own business, I quickly discovered that it directly affected my livelihood and that I might have to find a new profession! (Whose idea was it to become a chiropractor anyway?!?! Oh, right… me.) The way that the social anxiety manifested at work was that in addition to the usual anxiety of interacting with other people, it would increase with each person until a splitting migraine would develop, and if I had to see more than 5 people in a single day, I would have to go throw up from the pain! I felt like that kid on South Park, Kyle, who barfs every time Wendy says hello to him! If you do the math, you will see that a chiropractor who can’t see more than 5 people a day without throwing up isn’t going to be in business for long! As I was sharing my panic with another local chiropractor, he just shrugged and said, “It’s probably emotional.” No shit, Sherlock, I thought, but how do I fix it??? He had me stick out my arm, say something out loud, something like, “I’m OK seeing more than 5 patients a day.” I couldn’t hold my arm while saying or even thinking this statement. At the time, I didn’t give much credence to this muscle testing thing. After all, I was pretty wimpy and didn’t have much upper body strength to begin with! It wouldn’t have been hard to overpower me. Nevertheless, I went along with it. There was some tapping and more arm-pushing, tippy tap tippy tap, woo woo woo… it just seemed kooky to me. “OK, you’re good,” he declared. I didn’t feel any different, so I just said thanks and gave him a hug and that was that. The next day, I saw 5 people. No headache. Well, that was a nice coincidence. And then, 6 people… no headache… 10 people…. no headache… and, in fact, I never did get another one of those barfy headaches on account of how many people I saw in the office on a given day! This was life changing. Because not only did the barfy headache strike in the workplace, but it also happened quite often whenever I had to attend a seminar and be in a room full of strangers for any length of time! If I attended a weekend seminar, it was a guarantee that I would miss at least a few hours of it due to being holed up in pain in my hotel room, holding my head, swallowing Excedrins and eventually barfing. Thanks to NET, this pattern has been resolved. Sure, I’m still an extreme introvert, and I’d rather not spend a lot of time in a room full of people, but now I can do it without a headache. At the time, my mantra was, “Any day without a headache is a good day!”

So now we peddle a little further back in time. My very first NET treatment was for a condition that didn’t seem like all that big of a deal. I had developed a mild pain and stiffness in my mid-back – a sensation that felt like it “just needed to be popped.” As a young chiropractor, I’d had plenty of chances to let various friends and colleagues try to “crack” it for me. All to no avail! It would either release slightly but then go right back to being tight, or it would very painfully resist even the most adept manual adjuster. I decided to basically give up on it. After all, it didn’t even hurt that bad. One day, a friend of mine declared, “It’s probably emotional.” OK, I said, so I followed his instructions… held out my arm while he pushed on it and said some things and asked me to say some things and think about things… a little of this, a little of that, tap tap tap, breathe, tap tap tap, woo woo woo, and he declared I was good to go. I have no idea what happened, but he tightness and pain in my mid-back was gone! It was really strange! And what’s stranger is that that particular pain has never come back again. (I now know that this isn’t always the case, but at the time, it seemed completely miraculous.) I wanted to learn this incredible technique, but I saw that it was very expensive, and I was having a lot of money trouble…

I lamented to this friend about my money troubles and my frustrations over how I seemed to be pulling more and more people into my business, but hardly any money. This was because most of the people I was pulling in were low income, barter or 3rd party PI cases (which means that you don’t get paid until after the case settles, which could be months to years after treatment is done). There was no cash to be seen, and I was living on cup noodles and tea. The same friend who had “fixed” my back again shrugged and said, “It’s probably you. Probably emotional.” Again with the holding of the arm, the touch touch tap tap, think about this, this about that… it was like he was using my arm as a divining rod! I still had no idea what was happening. But, after a few minutes of getting “clear” on this block to income, cash dollars literally started walking into my office! After my friend left, a patient came with a friend and asked if he could pay for both of their visits – with cash! A new patient walked in after that and asked if I accepted cash. It was a little spooky, and I wondered if it was just a coincidence, but sure enough, the old pattern of drawing in only people who couldn’t pay anything ceased, and I was able to finally move into a place of my own and start eating real food! I knew I had to learn this NET thing, expensive or not!

At one point, I even took the big leap of faith to sell my car in order to attend an advanced NET training, and I never regretted it, and have not looked back since. I still attend NET trainings, which makes my mom question whether I have been sucked in to a cult. “This sounds like a cult,” she says, “after 20 years, don’t you know how to do this technique yet??” Indeed, I do! And at this point, I consider myself an expert both on the giving and receiving ends of NET! But there is always more to learn, always room for improvement, and still, nothing beats the profound life shifts that I’ve seen with NET.

Some people ask, “but when does it end? When will I be ‘done?’” The simple answer, of course, is that is ends when you end! You can clear various blocks, but life has a way of throwing new ones at you. It’s nothing to get wound up about, though. After all, when you’re 25 years old, do you have more challenges than you did when you were 4? How about when you’re 45 compared to 25? Life changes, circumstances change, your problems change, and you need to work on new things. The real problem is when you keep running into the same old problem time after time, year after year. It’s these stuck patterns that NET helps to unblock. It’s changed my life, and it’s helped me to help many people to change their lives, too, and for all that and more, I am eternally grateful!!!

You can learn more about NET in the recently released documentary, Stressed, and also by checking out netmindbody.com  

(Also, if you are unable to get to an NET practitioner, you can often get some good relief by using the FAST – First Aid Stress Tool.)