What do you do here?

We serve the community by providing honest holistic chiropractic health care. This means that we honor the powerful healing capacity of the body and we strive to work with, not against it.  A nervous system free from interference (whether due to structural, biochemical or emotional factors) is a healthy system.  It's hard to have a happy life without a healthy body! Simple.


How do I get in?

Established patients can quickly make an appointment using our online appointment book.

People who are interested in becoming patients here can book a free initial consultation using the online appointment book, however, comprehensive examinations or other specialized or longer types of visits can only be scheduled by phone: 415-864-2975.

Want to save some time at the office? You can fill out our basic intake form online!


"First, Do No Harm."

Patients expect that this is a basic premise that their doctors strive to operate under.  Then why do hundreds of thousands of people die each year from the practice of modern medicine? It is because we've lost sight of where health and disease really come from, and because we've become dependent on huge profit-driven pharmaceutical and insurance companies to handle our health care.  In this office, we go back to basics and honor the concept of doing no harm.  Annual  deaths by chiropractic? Roughly 1/3 (as in, roughly 1 every 3 years!).