What do you do here?

For over 20 years, I have specialized in the treatment of stress-related conditions, which can include symptoms such as anxiety, weak immune system, chronic pain and many many other things! How do you know if your problem is stress-related? Does it get worse when you are under more stress? Does it seems to mysteriously disappear when you are on vacation, in a different environment, or otherwise removed from your biggest sources of stress? Stress is basically anything that forces you to adapt to some change in your environment. This can be as mundane as adapting from one climate to another (such as when the weather suddenly changes from hot to cold or vice versa) or as serious as having to suddenly run for your life if an attacker appears to head in your direction! All of us have stress, and most of the time, our bodies adapt. However, sometimes, we get stuck in a loop of fight-flight that seems impossible to shake off no matter how much logic we throw at it. We can't change the outside world, but we can change our body's reactions to it!


How do I get in?

San Francisco appointments are available (Tuesday through Friday), and can be made either by e-mailing, calling or texting the office at (415) 864-2975 or through the online appointment book

Sacramento appointments can also be made through the online appointment book, or by calling (916) 779-4613 or e-mailing an inquiry.  (E-mail will get faster response during the weekdays.) Consultations for new patients are always free.  An in-person consultation is the best way to get a true sense of an individual's case. From there, we can determine if and how to move forward.




"First, Do No Harm."

Patients expect that this is a basic premise that their doctors strive to operate under.  Then why do hundreds of thousands of people die each year from the practice of modern medicine? When the standard of care has become drugs and surgery, then danger becomes inherent. Don't be fooled by the illusion of safety of over-the-counter drugs, either. We routinely see kidney damage from long-term use of NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, etc.) and liver damage from long-term acetaminophen (Tylenol, Excedrin, etc.) use. If you are having chronic pain which causes you to need medications frequently, I urge you to explore drug-free solutions. Your body and life will thank you. :-)   In this office, we go back to basics and honor the concept of doing no harm.