Tapping Method for Pain Relief

Years ago, I came across a little purple booklet with maps of acupressure points that could be used for pain relief. I found that there were a few pages which I kept copying and giving to patients as a reminder on what to do at home to help with their pain naturally. The points were not the magical total pain-reliever that the author had claimed, however, the points did indeed help in a significant number of cases, and sometimes in cases where the pain was quite severe (as with a fresh open wound!). The way it works is simple: using the body charts, located the numbered zone where the pain is the worst. For example, if you are having pain between your spine and your shoulder blade, then that’s zone 3. Once you have determined the zone number, then you go to the acupressure point on the face and start tapping! How many taps? A lot. I think it was between 50-150 taps before it starts to kick in. This sounds like a lot, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can do 150 taps on your face! If there is no relief whatsoever by the 150th tap, then this method is probably not going to be very helpful for you. If it helps, keep tapping! This technique is not a “cure” for whatever is causing the pain. It’s basically like an aspirin. A temporary pain-reliever. You still want to get to the root of the problem! But in the meantime, there’s this. The little purple booklet has long since disappeared, but I recently found a .pdf file with copies of those main pages that I used to hand out to people. Download the .pdf here, or just follow the pictures below. :-)