NET Intensive visits are 30 minute sessions during which we dig deep and really get to the heart of a matter!  These sessions (as opposed to the brief NET typically done in about 3-5 minutes within the context of a routine office visit) are incredibly helpful when there is a specific issue to be addressed or when there is a recurring pattern that always seems to rear its head during the routine visits. For example, if every time "emotional" seems to come up during your routine visits, and it's "always" about "work," then there is probably a deeper underlying issue that could be shifted!  NET Intensives are scheduled very differently from
routine visits, and happen during quiet times when there is no usual hustle and bustle in the office. We are able to turn the white noise generators off, become extremely present, and dig deep!  They do cost a lot more per session than routine visits (though they cost the same if you consider time and proration), but the results are worth it. Think of it as the NET version of antibiotics! You wouldn't want to take them all the time, but man, they work awesome for a nasty infection! :-). Check out some of these testimonials to see what other people have experienced with the NET Intensives:


"An NET intensive is like getting a year of psychotherapy in 30 minutes. NET intensive sessions allow me to "go deep" on persistent, often life-long challenges that have persisted after undergoing other types of therapy and self-development. Conquering long-standing barriers to reaching your own potential is priceless--making NET an unparalleled value. " -E.S., San Francisco

"The big difference for me is being able to dig down through multiple layers of the same issue. I love my regular visits but they are brief and these longer sessions really give me a feeling of clarity. I think of it more as mental and physical therapy rather than just physical therapy and as you know I am actively pursuing this over talk therapy which I have now stopped. Happy to discuss more in person when I see you later today." - S.J., San Francisco

"If you are already invested in your healing process (ie., going to see a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist), it would be worth your while to consider a long NET session.   A psychiatrist will charge you $225 for your visit. A psychologist may charge you $150.  From my experience, a long NET session can do for a person what 6 sessions of therapy does.  Talk therapy can only go so far. To release deep seated trauma and life patterns that are deeply ingrained, and often times unconscious, you need support to let go of the pain from your body consciousness. That is what a long NET session does. You work on a specific issue until you get to the core of the issue.   The difference between a long NET session and a regular NET session is dosage and time. I believe you can get to the core of an issue with a regular NET session, but it may take a very long time. A long NET session is a high-intensity dosage where you really get to the root of the issue.  With a regular NET session, I often feel that I need to go back and chip away at different aspects of the issue.  With a long NET session, I wipe out the issue completely because I go to the root of the problem." - A.L., San Francisco

"I feel that the normal NET sessions definitely help me on every level, however I notice the extended NET allows me the opportunity to clear every 'nook and cranny' so to speak of the issue. It lets me take care of the whole issue and/or the many facets of the issue around one particular subject all at once, instead of smaller steps (possibly a few regular NETsessions) to get to the same larger outcome.  The regular sessions let me continue to address and maintain the release of issues as they arise, while the extended NETgoes into every possible variable to expel it." -R.K., San Rafael