Sacramento patients are currently being seen by  appointment only on Sundays, Mondays and alternating Saturdays. 

The Sacramento location is a home-office located in a working class neighborhood, which, I have been told, scares some people! Despite the scary dog next door - who has not escaped the fence, as far as I know - I can assure you that your car will be considerably safer parked in front of the Sac home-office (especially during business hours!) than it would be in San Francisco!  SF petty crime is truly out of control, and someone even recently broke into a patient's car to steal their *diaper bag*.  So, have no fear in Sacramento, and make sure you leave NOTHING of value in your car in SF!

San Francisco office appointments are available Tuesday through Friday (and some Saturdays) and can be booked by using this contact form or the online appointment book.

Inquiries for private house-call appointments in San Francisco, Sacramento or places in between, should use this contact form.


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