Sacramento patients are currently being seen by  appointment only on Sundays, Mondays and alternating Saturdays. 

The Sacramento location is a home-office located in a working class neighborhood, which, I have been told, scares some people! Despite the terrifying dog next door - who has not escaped the fence, as far as I know - and the ugly broken down car in front of the neighbor's house, I can assure you that your car will be considerably safer parked in front of the Sac home-office (especially during business hours!) than it would be in San Francisco!  SF petty crime is truly out of control, and someone even recently broke into a patient's car to steal their *diaper bag*.  So, have no fear! Live on the wild side. :-)

San Francisco office appointments are available Tuesday through Friday (and some Saturdays) and can be booked directly through Azure Sky Chiropractic.

Inquiries for private house-call appointments in San Francisco, Sacramento or places in between, should use this contact form.


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