Living the Good Life

 What does chiropractic have to do with "living the good life?"  Well, not to sound like a blowhard, but... everything! Most happy successful people (note the word "happy") will tell you that success and happiness are inside jobs. They don't really have much to do with outside circumstances or how many material possessions one can accumulate. When you're down in the dumps and feeling like crap, it's easy to think, "I'd be happy if I had [x]."   But that is an illusion.  Since happiness and success are inside jobs, what could be more important than having a healthy and fine-tuned nervous system?? You can't even imagine what could be better in your life from having a more functional nervous system if you're looking out through a dysfunctional system! Just the other day, I saw a patient who had not noticed that over time, her sense of smell had been diminishing. However, when we got her inflammation down to the point that she was able to stop taking ibuprofen, it returned, and she commented, "Wow, I haven't smelled butter in years! It smells wonderful!" (I'm a big fan of butter, myself, and heck yeah it smells wonderful!) Smell is a big part of the sense of taste. I love food, do you? How much less awesome would life be if you couldn't smell your food?!  I had another patient who used to gag every time she brushed her teeth - ever since she was a little kid! - and she thought it was just the way she was - someone with a sensitive gag reflex.  However, after a routine visit where we checked and balanced cranial nerve function, the gagging stopped!  It's not an issue for most of your (maybe not an issue for any of you) but how much better is her life now that she can brush her teeth in peace a couple of times away without gagging?  It's something that only happens a few minutes a day, but she says it had greatly improved the quality of her life!  I have a number of patients who have commented that after a good adjustment (particularly a good NET treatment) the sky literally looks bluer.  (I have experienced this myself as well.)  People report being able to break personal records in the gym and experience more efficient workouts thanks to improved nerve flow in their bodies. They report improved communication between themselves and their partners thanks to improved clarity of their own nervous system responses to former "trigger" stimuli.  The world, objectively speaking, hasn't changed a bit. The facts of their lives, on paper, haven't changed a bit. And yet, life itself seems to be better, because it's better from the inside.  I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this knows that if you eat like shit, you feel like shit.  If you eat well, you feel good. If you sleep well, you feel good. If you haven't slept for days, you feel like crap. Imagine how much better you could feel if your nervous system was humming like a fine-tuned luxury automobile!  You can shine up the outside and paint over the flaws, but what's under the hood makes all the difference in the world! Remember, success is an inside job. Happiness is an inside job. Health is an inside job. If you want those things - if you want to live "the good life" - then you have to do the inside work.  And that is all I have to say about that. :-)