Health : faulty premise?

Lately, I've been racking my brain with trying to figure out why so many highly intelligent and logical people can come to such alarmingly inaccurate conclusions about health. I follow their logic, and it seems sound, but then the conclusion is all weird. I finally realized that the problem is not with the logic, but with the initial premise. These days, almost everyone seems to be starting with the premise that the body is a faulty, weak, highly flawed mechanism that can only be (and stay) healthy with the "assistance" of countless man-made substances and other invasive technologies! This just doesn't seem right to me. How could it be that everything else in the universe - from galaxies and black holes all the way down to subatomic particles - is so perfectly created, yet humans... not so much?  Of course, it's b.s.! Humans are designed amazingly well! We don't give our own bodies enough credit. Unfortunately, the consequences for this thinking have reached out-of-control proportions. One thing I am thinking of is the flu shot. I just read a little blurb in a magazine about how now there are  different flu shots to choose from (since we are all individuals, after all!). One is now egg-free, so that people who are allergic to eggs will be "safe." (Rejoice, egg-allergy-sufferers, for your flu shot is now grown on a substrate of caterpillar protein!)  One is given with a shorter and thinner needle - for people who are afraid of needles. (Interestingly, this "micro shot" also contains less of the flu particles in it, yet is considered "just as effective." So... if less is just as effective... then why doesn't everyone get less?!)  One has MORE of the flu component in it, targeted for elderly people or people with weaker immune systems...??? And I can't recall what the other variations were. Anyway... Logical people starting at one end of the argument say (rightfully so) that if the body is exposed to a tiny bit of an invader, such as a virus, then it will proceed to make antibodies. Yep, that is true science, and I can agree with that. But then they run away with the logic and say that THEREFORE, EVERYONE should deliberately get these nasties injected into their bloodstream - every year forever! - along with chemical preservatives, stabilizing agents, etc. that they never mention - and "strengthen" their immune systems.  OK.  Let's back up a few steps. Step 1: your body has an *incredible* immune system. It is WAY more complicated that anyone can fully grasp. It knows how to make antibodies to viruses, bacteria, etc.  It knows that without ever having to "learn" it from anyone. It is automatic. So, yes or no, do you suppose that if you are walking around and interacting with the world, shaking hands, using shared shopping baskets, sitting on the bus next to strangers, etc. that along the way, you are being exposed constantly to various viruses and bacteria? (The answer is yes. I hate to break it to you, but you are literally crawling with bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc. If you don't know about it, it's because your amazing immune system is fighting them off!)  Don't you think that during flu season, you are automatically exposed to a bunch of random flu virus particles in the air, etc.? I assure you that you are. And don't you think that maybe your immune system makes antibodies to those just as they might to a flu shot?  If it didn't work that way, then wouldn't all the people who don't get the shot get a lot more flu than the people who do get it? But it doesn't work that way, does it?  (A casual survey of your workplace during flu season will give you your answer.)  If we are serious about getting health care costs under control in this country, then we have to back up and re-examine some of our starting premises. If our immune systems are this amazing (and they are) then let's stop pretending that they only work with these pharmaceutical cocktails. Let's focus on helping our immune systems help themselves. This means drinking clean water, eating real food, exercising, doing something we actually love (whether or not it's your job), doing as much as we can to reduce harmful stress, and getting adjusted. And that is all I have to say about that! For now. :)