"Are you still practicing in San Francisco?"

YES! You may have heard the news that the rent did indeed cross the red line, and I made the decision to let go of the Gough Street office at the end of the lease (February 2019). The immediate plan had been to super-streamline and work out of the Regus location of Fox Plaza, but then… 11th hour miracle! I was able to secure a “home office” on the first floor of my apartment building! Therefore, in San Francisco, I now have a 5-floor vertical commute. Best. Commute. Ever. :-D Starting March 1, my new San Francisco office location will be: 265 Fell St #102, San Francisco, CA 94102. (located between Gough and Franklin) The San Francisco phone number is the same as always: (415) 864-2975.

Several people have told me that they have gotten the impression that I am either no longer seeing people in San Francisco or that I am not accepting new patients in San Francisco. This is not true; I’m committed to spending at least 3 years continuing to serve in San Francisco (at least until my son is over 18) and would be happy to stay even longer if we can find a creative way to thrive under the circumstances. If you'd like to see NET/NIS stay strong in SF, then please do tell your friends to check it out! New patient consultations are always free. :-)