"Are you still practicing in San Francisco?"

YES! You may have heard the news that the rent did indeed cross the red line, and I made the decision to let go of the Gough Street office at the end of the lease (February 2019). I will still be seeing patients, focusing primarily on NET and NIS, at the Regus location at Fox Plaza (1390 Market Street Suite 200) on weekdays. The SF office number will remain the same (415-864-2975) and the best way to make appointments is to text or call that number, or to send an e-mail. I’m happy to continue to provide supplements and supplies via shipping options and to continue to consult on nutritional issues via phone or e-mail as well. There will be some limited self-scheduling available soon, but the online schedule will not give access to the full range.

Several people have told me that they have gotten the impression that I am either no longer seeing people in San Francisco or that I am not accepting new patients in San Francisco. This is not true; I’m committed to spending at least 3 years continuing to serve in San Francisco (until my son is over 18) and would be happy to stay even longer if we can find a creative way to thrive under the circumstances. If you'd like to see NET/NIS stay strong in SF, then please do tell your friends to check it out! New patient consultations are always free. :-)