What's changing, and why?


how can i best serve the community under changing market pressures??

When a local realtor recently offered to help me find a new office space, and then came back to report that there was nothing comparable to what I have for under $6000/month, I thought to myself, "Well, this is it... I'm going to have to leave  San Francisco!" How could I keep raising my fees to keep up with this? While on the one hand, that's how the market works, on the other hand, I didn't feel good about the idea of continuing to raise fees on basic chiropractic care, which people were already receiving less of in order to save money!  Once the initial pity party ended, I decided that yes, I would raise my fees - I have to - but also, I will deliver a service worthy of that increased fee, a service that can't be had for the much lower fees being charged by the average insurance-based chiropractor.

This service, that truly delivers the goods, is a combination of NIS (Neurological Integration System, developed by New Zealand osteopath Alan Phillips) and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). I have found that when under regular NIS care, peoples' spinal subluxations begin to resolve without the necessity of spinal manipulation! Not only this, but that the stability of NIS treatments is much more long-lasting than that of standard chiropractic treatments. Under good chiropractic care, people should still be getting checked 1-2 times a month, for optimal health. Under NIS care, people can come in every 2-3 months when they are on wellness care! It's a big difference, and it makes much more sense when serving a community where people struggle with time, traffic, high cost of living, etc. It it s a technique that can be performed with minimal equipment and space, and one that is safe and gentle enough for ALL people, even those with very fragile spines. 

In the past, when I have learned or added new techniques, I have given people the option to stay with old methods, and I've tried to be all things to all people. This, while well-intentioned, did not work so great!   When my lease ends, in a little over a year, I'm almost certainly going to have to downsize into a much simpler and smaller space.  But I will be delivering the best possible service - better than ever! - with the best possible results!

In preparation for "the big move" (at the end of the lease) I have decided to transition to NIS-and-NET-only care starting in January 2017. If anyone prefers to receive traditional chiropractic care, which I fully respect, I will be referring them to another chiropractor.

The future is always changing, and for suresies San Franciso is always changing! Change doesn't always have to be bad, though, and I'm looking forward with hope and faith that we can still thrive in this crazy city and this crazy world. :-)

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