"Are you still practicing in San Francisco?"

YES! I have two different types of practices right now in San Francisco. There is my "regular" practice, open Tuesday through Friday, which is now operating under the banner of Azure Sky Chiropractic, in partnership with Dr. Jae Reed.  You can make appointments online through the Azure Sky website.  Azure Sky is where I am continuing to take care of the many people who I've been taking care of for years and years - some of whom have been with me since my first year practicing in SF, which was 2000! The second practice I have in San Francisco is a very private house-call practice centered largely around NET.

Several people have told me that they have gotten the impression that I am either no longer seeing people in San Francisco or that I am not accepting new patients in San Francisco. This is not true, although if the SF rents continue to skyrocket, then I may well be forced to scoot to full-time Sacramento! If you'd like to see NET/NIS stay strong in SF, then please do tell your friends to check it out! New patient consultations are always free. :-)