NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) is a cutting edge stress-reduction tool that I have been using since 1999, which means most of my career! As a poor young graduate, I could not afford to take the NET training, even though several of my teachers and friends had encouraged me to check it out. But the Universe conspired to get me there. I had been dealing with some mysterious health issues (some pain and severe anxiety in certain social settings) which nothing had been able to help. One night, a friend of mine came over and said, “It’s probably emotional.” “Yeah,” I replied, “Thanks for that. So what am I supposed to do about it?” “Stick out your arm,” he said, and from there, it just looked like a bunch of woo-woo to me. But the crazy thing was, after the woo, the pain in my back had vanished! OK, I thought, well… that’s peculiar… but the really peculiar and powerful thing was that after more of this woo-woo technique, I no longer suffered the debilitating social anxiety. How bad was it? Are you familiar with South Park? You know how that kid Kyle barfs every time Wendy says ‘hi’ to him? Well, that was me if I had more than 5 patients on the books on any given day. I would get a migraine and have to go barf! I was sure that I would fail out of practice within my first year! But NET saved me from that fate. I scrounged enough money to go to my first NET Basic, and then later sold my car to get the money to be able to go through some more advanced NET training! To say that NET has changed my life would be a massive understatement!!! It has absolutely changed my life, changed my path as a chiropractor, and changed the lives of my patients. If you happen to look at my Yelp reviews, which stretch back to 2006, you might notice that almost every single one of them mentions NET. I can tell you for sure that the vast majority of those patients were not looking for NET to begin with. They didn’t even know what it was! But it’s the thing that made profound changes in their health and in their lives.

Way back in 1998 when I received my first NET treatment, I kind of had to take my friend’s word for it that it wasn’t just woo-woo. I could see that it worked, but I couldn’t explain it to other people, and I couldn’t point to any scientific studies to support it! Well, friends, it’s 20+ years later, and I’m very pleased to say that over the last 20 years, quite a lot of science has come out to explain how and why it works. There is also a new documentary, Stressed, that highlights some of the latest and greatest research which used fMRI to show how NET actually changed the brains of cancer survivors who were continuing to have traumatic stress responses even after being in remission. You can learn more about the documentary here.

NET has always been a part of my practice, and most patients - even the “regular chiropractic” patients - would get a little bit of NET on many, if not most, of their visits. As I’ve gotten older and discovered that it’s more rewarding and impactful to be really really good at just a few things than to be just OK at a whole lot of things, I have really focused on mastering NET. I now see more and more patients for “NET Intensive” sessions, where we focus on the NET. I have discovered that just a few NET Intensive sessions are far more powerful than the equivalent (in terms of minutes spent in treatment) number of shorter sessions! One of my patients, who had been coming in for 11 years, said this to me after her first NET Intensive session: “No offense, DK, but… I think we cleared more today than we have in the past 11 years!” :-O Wowzers.

So how long is an NET Intensive session? They are booked in increments of 30 minutes. (It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised how much can change in just 30 minutes!) Longer sessions are good for people who are traveling a lot, passing through town for a short time, or who want to work even more intensively on an issue. Each case it different, and it all starts with a consultation. (That’s your cue to e-mail, text or call for a consultation. Text number is 415-864-2975!) :-)