Vaccines = safe? Uh... not really.

OK, here's a big emotional topic that you can never really speak "calmly" about with people! Why is it so emotional? I guess that's a whole 'nother topic. But this week, I received an e-mail from a patient about her son's recent horrible vaccine experience and the surprising conclusion to it.  Her son's story perfectly demonstrates the points that (1) vaccines are not as "safe" as we are led to believe and (2) vaccine-related sicknesses are often much more difficult to diagnose and treat than the condition that the vaccine was supposed to protect against!

The tale begins in October of 2012 when this young boy received a routine vaccination (specifically, the Tdap booster shot for whooping cough) for school.   Shortly after receiving the vaccine, he started to have a strange cough. Return visits to the MD did not turn up any conclusive reason for this cough. It was not accompanied by fever, the blood work didn't reveal anything, and it was chalked up to "allergies." He was given some generic allergy medication and sent on his way. The medication didn't really help, and for months this barking cough became worse and worse. Still, nothing turned up at Kaiser, and the only solutions offered were more and more symptom-suppressing medications. At one point, following a visit to the ER, they were given *15* different prescription medications for this cough!! The medications had horrible side-effects, and the poor kid started to cough up some blood! 

Using some of our non-invasive "alternative" tools in this office, I concluded that it was probably a vaccine reaction.  I always feel a bit squirmy if I have to say this to parents because it's such a sensitive topic, but that's what kept coming up. So, what is there to be done for such a thing? Unfortunately, not much... However, I know that some people have had very good results using homeopathic remedies specific to vaccine reactions.  So the patient located a medical doctor who uses homeopathy. He examined the child, agreed that he was having a vaccine reaction - basically a strange form of whooping cough - and immediately ordered a specially formulated HOMEOPATHIC remedy for him. And guess what?  Immediately after taking the homeopathy, the coughing stopped!  After 8 months of suffering, it was knocked out with this powerful yet gentle and highly specific homeopathy! 

So... why wasn't the whooping cough diagnosed by the regular MDs at Kaiser? Because it wasn't actually whooping cough.  It was a strange FORM of it caused BY the vaccine. And what are the areas of the body typically affected by vaccines when the reactions are bad? It's almost always the NERVOUS SYSTEM.  The problems are usually neurological. Neurological problems are incredibly challenging to heal, and many of the unusual ones are simply written off as "ideopathic," which is fancy talk for "I have no idea."   

Totally isolated case? I don't think so. In our own office, you can come here and look at the Facebook pictures of Shirley's friend, who is still in a wheelchair, 9 years after becoming paralyzed following a neurological reaction to a FLU SHOT.

What would have been the worst case scenario if that woman had gotten the flu? Even a really bad flu? She would have been sick for a couple of weeks - maybe gone to the hospital if it was severe - but she would have survived and been healthy and mobile today. No flu would have made her a paraplegic for life. And that boy, if he hadn't gotten that vaccine? What if he had gotten "normal" whooping cough? Well, one of our unvaccinated patients actually did get whooping cough. What happened? He was sick and uncomfortable, got medical treatment, healed, and now he's fine. He does not have any neurological damage. 

The fact is, the world is a risky place. There will always be viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, critters, etc.   We have to be reasonable and take reasonable precautions. Sanitation, for example, is critical! But to turn a blind eye to the dangers of industrialized medicine (specifically pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.) is inexcusable. People should have an INFORMED choice about what they ingest or inject into themselves and their children. Remember where health really comes from: it comes from within, and it comes from a healthy and strong nervous system. Health does not come from a bottle, and it certainly does not come from the tip of a needle.