From Dr. Kim

All too often, it’s the doctor who gets all the information about the patient, and the patient gets little information about the practitioner and his practice.  I would like to change that.

My full name is Kim Makoi. I was born in Washington, DC under the sun sign of Aquarius in the Chinese Year of the Rat.  My mom, Maria, was born in North Korea during the height of the Korean War and immigrated to the U.S. shortly before my birth. My dad, Bill, a history buff from Rhode Island, comes from a military family that has served in every American war since the Revolution (on both sides - haha).  I have two “little” brothers (now middle-aged men), two nephews and a niece.  I have a 16 year-old son named Shin, who is a great cook and is passionate about gaming and his gamer YouTube channel.  I'm currently dividing my time between San Francisco and my new home in Sacramento, where I'm trying to heal my black thumb and learn a thing or two about gardening.  My son has a polydactyl tuxedo cat named Chuck the Cute, who is now about 12 years old.  (We also occasionally foster kittens and medical foster cats from the SF/SPCA, which is pretty awesome if you love cats but hate the lifetime commitment and/or need a break from time to time!) If you know what a 5 is in the Enneagram system, then you pretty much know everything there is to know about my personality.  INTJ, for those who care to know. My idea of a good time usually involves some combination of books, solitude, snail mail (mostly in the form of Postcrossing these days), traveling far far away, and … did I mention solitude? I've been with my partner, Taren, for about 6 years (which is like 22 in gay years). His passion is directing theater but he is now studying towards his doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My favorite color is black (yes, I’m an old 80’s goth kid) and my favorite music is 80’s-90’s “alternative,” metal, hardcore and such. Can’t stand showtunes - sorry!

I received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in June of 1997, and my first practice was in Atlanta, Georgia.  I opened the first (and probably the last!) “night time chiropractic office” in Atlanta! I thought it was an awesome idea. It kind of wasn’t. I briefly followed and achieved by dream of having a mobile practice in Hollywood, CA, but… that dream wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be! So, like chiropractic Goldilocks, I moved again, to San Francisco in 2000, which felt just right. :-) My undergraduate degree is in Nutrition, and I have additional degrees in Metaphysical Sciences and additional advanced certification as an Addictionlogist.

I was originally inspired to become a holistic health practitioner because I believed (and still do) that the corporate industrial approach to healthcare is crap and if that if we are serious about turning around American healthcare, we’ve got to honor and utilize the INCREDIBLE healing capacity that every single person already has within their own bodies!!! I’ve chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because it’s a powerful way for me to help others to feel comfortable in their own skins and to live their lives fully and freely.  I am grateful I did so because the rewards I reap go far beyond the mundane rewards of a “job.” I am able to witness “miracles” every day and to (literally) touch amazing spirits who I would have  otherwise never had the chance to meet, much less serve.

I believe with all my heart in the principles of chiropractic and vitalistic healing, which are that all healing comes from within, and that the power that made the body heals the body!

I believe with all my heart in how I practice and always strive to improve it.  I place a high emphasis and value on N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique) because N.E.T. basically saved my life.  Through N.E.T., I have been safely shepherded through some terrifying and potentially devastating crises in life including, but not limited to (and in no particular order): homelessness, divorce (x2), bankruptcy, the deaths of close friends, postpartum depression, dark night of the soul, gender transition and even two IRS audits. Good times.

What makes this practice unique is the deep recognition that everything – and I do mean everything – is connected to and can affect everything else.

My personal promise to you is that I will always work to the fullest of my ability to help you to find a solution to the crisis that brought you to my door. Most likely, I will continue to seek and share solutions until the day I die.

I thank you for your trust and support, and I hope to provide many, many more years of service in this capacity as your Doctor of Chiropractic.




(Yes, it’s a recent picture, no, there isn’t much hair under that hat, yes, that is the same spine t-shirt that I’ve been rocking for 22+ years.)

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